Agency Compliance Program

Agency Compliance Program

Welcome to the Mental Health Association of Nassau County’s (MHANC) Compliance Program. The purpose of our Corporate Compliance Program is to prevent and identify fraud, waste and abuse. MHANC’s Corporate Compliance Plan and Notice of Privacy Practice can be downloaded by clicking the below links. Our Corporate Compliance Plan, Code of Conduct, and policies are critical to our success and apply to everyone.

At MHANC, we are pleased with the values that drive us. These values create a culture that cultivates the highest standards of ethics and personal integrity. We have always been and remain committed to our responsibility to conduct our affairs with integrity based on sound ethical and moral standards. Our Corporate Compliance Program is used to notify our employees, providers and vendors of the federal and state false claim acts, prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse as well as of the whistleblower protections.  Furthermore, our Corporate Compliance Program ensures MHANC’s compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

Our Corporate Compliance Program is utilized as a resource for our employees.  It establishes processes where employees can raise concerns about compliance issues while ensuring they are properly addressed. In addition, it provides education and training to employees and board members. Finally, it ensures the highest quality of care to our consumers through continuous self-monitoring.

MHANC’s Compliance Officer/Privacy Officer is Marie Denis, MBA.  Marie can be reached at 516.489.2322 extension 1234,

Click to download: MHANC Corporate Compliance Plan

Click to download: HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices