The Players

The Mental Health Players is an interactive improv group comprised of community volunteers who perform throughout the year for civic and/or religious organizations, senior groups, schools and more. The Players’ model was formed over 30 years ago as a vehicle to educate the broader Nassau County community about the myths and realities of mental illnesses. The Players perform realistic vignettes about mental health challenges, giving the audience a dynamic opportunity to learn about the different faces of mental illness and the reality of stigma.

Each hour long performance consists of three vignettes, followed by a guided conversation in which the Players remain in character to answer the audience’s questions and concerns.  The goal of each performance is to normalize mental illness and begin to reduce the stigma and discrimination that people with mental illnesses face on a daily basis. Best yet, no performance of the Mental Health Players is ever the same twice, so even if you’ve seen a performance before, the next time will be completely new!

The Players perform at no cost, however, a suggested donation of $50 is gladly accepted for each performance. The Players’ performances are scheduled by appointment only.  To arrange for the Players to perform for your organization, please email Rachel Priest, Community Health Educator, at

Want to become a player?