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Campaign To End Stigma and Discrimination

Campaign to End Stigma and Discrimination


Three new additions join the ranks in Nassau County’s initiative to eliminate the prejudice often imposed on people with mental illnesses. These latest entries specifically target awareness among young people and the Hispanic community, and bring the number of the 2006/2007 campaign posters to six.


Sized at 11½ x 17 inches, the Spanish-language editions come in two versions, featuring real Nassau consumers of mental health services: One pictures a young man with his mother, and the other a smiling, clean-shaven Latino wearing blue jeans and a phone in his ear. Both deliver the campaign’s theme, “1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness,” in Spanish: 1 de cada 5 personas padecerá de una enfermedad mental.


The third, more teen-oriented adaptation expands the educational message and encourages youngsters to talk with a parent, teacher, school counselor, or MHA’s 504-HELP line. It states: “1 in 5 of your friends will have an emotional problem that may be too big for you to handle alone.”

Press here to view new posters

Like all of the Campaign to End Stigma and Discrimination’s outreach efforts, these latest entries promote compassion and dignity throughout the Nassau community. Whatever the langu­age, the point is essential: Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and neither should you. Give every­one a chance -- with employment, with housing and most of all with respect. You can make a difference.

To participate in this important campaign, call (516) 504-HELP and request your free posters to display at your work, home or community site. Help promote an environment of awareness, dignity, respect and fairness. If you are interested, you may also call and arrange for a speaker to present on mental health issues at your civic, religious, business or neighborhood group.

Join the countywide Campaign to End Stigma and Discrimination. Call for the free  Your Guide To Understanding Mental Illness,” which is also available in .PDF form by clicking on the link. Show your support; break down the stereotypes; promote recovery. For more information, also check out our FAQ's About Mental Illness.