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The Gathering Place PROS

The Gathering Place PROS integrates a broad array of services including rehabilitation and clinical treatment to help mental health consumers choose life roles, develop skills, overcome barriers, and achieve life goals. A primary goal is for consumers to more fully integrate in the community.

The Gathering Place PROS seeks to help consumers:

1. Obtain Employment

2. Improve Educational levels

3. Live in more Independent settings

4. Attain good health and wellness

5. Self-Report quality of life and healthier social relationships

6. Reduce Emergency Room usage / Reduce inpatient hospitalizations

7. Diminish involvement with the criminal justice system

8. Reduce Substance Abuse


Employment Services:

Services designed to give members  the opportunity  to explore employment options, that include assessment, group participation  and job search strategies.  Ongoing supports are available to help members working 10 or more hours a week maintain employment.


Educational Supports

The Gathering Place PROS can provide skills and emotional supports to adults with psychiatric disabilities pursuing educational goals. The Gathering Place PROS has developed a special relationship with Nassau Community College that members may choose to utilize.


Art Therapy

Encourages people to express and understand their emotions.  Art Therapy provides the artist with critical insight into emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and encourages self-discovery and emotional growth. The artist and art therapist will explore the meaning and feelings expressed by the artwork


Young Adult Track

Studies show that about 20% of young adults experience some form of emotional distress, yet they may be reluctant to seek help. The early symptoms of mental illness can be frightening to the young person. Instilling the hope of recovery in young consumers is vital. Teaching young people how to manage the symptoms of mental illness will not only decrease the use of mental health services over their lifetime, but will also improve their quality of life. The Gathering Place PROS Young Adult Track offers young adults age 18 – 30 specialized services dealing with issues of employment, higher education, and benefits. They also learn wellness skills related to coping with anxiety, and other symptoms, while at school, work, and in social settings


Senior Track

Members 50+ will learn about the mental health issues specific to the aging population. They will explore the many medical and health issues pertinent to aging such as heart health, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.  Members will learn about community resources, supports, volunteer opportunities, socialization activities, relationships, and retirement from the mental health system.


Mental Illness and Chemical Abuse Recovery

Members will explore recovery and the various categories of drugs and alcohol. Members will learn about the potential impact on mental health symptoms when using substances. Members will examine techniques and community resources to prevent substance use/abuse and recover from addiction.


Family Education

Family members of PROS participants will learn about the variety of mental health diagnoses and symptoms. Families will explore the techniques and actions that support the recovery of PROS members.


Computer Lab

PROS has a fully equipped computer lab including Smart-Board technology. Members will benefit from a variety of classes utilizing the internet along with other computer programs to explore community resources and to utilize online tools to support recovery