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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions is the Mental Health Association concerned with?
The MHA focuses its resources on helping adults with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychiatric diagnoses.  Among children, the illnesses include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional behavior disorders and depression.  We also sponsor a group residence for autistic children, which is a developmental disability.

Is the Mental Health Association part of Nassau County government?
No, the MHA is an independent, not-for-profit organization governed by a voluntary Board of Directors composed of community leaders who commit their time and resources to improving mental health in Nassau County.  The MHA does receive funding from Nassau County and New York State through contracts to deliver specific services, but the agency is not part of county government.

Can I get therapy or counseling at the MHA?
No, the MHA of Nassau County does not provide clinical services. 

What services does the MHA provide?
The MHA concentrates on rehabilitation and recovery services in the community.  We provide a broad array of services including:
    - housing with supports
    - employment
    - social and recreational activities
    - case management
    - education
    - financial management
    - crisis respite for children

Where is the MHA located?
Our main office is located at 16 Main St. in Hempstead, within walking distance of the main bus terminal and the LIRR train station in Hempstead.  Group residences are located in East Meadow, Westbury, Bethpage and Plandome.  Apartments are scattered throughout the county.  MHA services are open to all residents of Nassau County.  Training and education events are generally open to all, at low or no charge.

What makes the MHA unique?
Advocacy is at the heart of the MHA.  We not only provide direct services, but also expend significant time and and resources attempting to make society more accepting and equitable for people with disabilities.  To this end, the MHA often coordinates advocacy for the mental health community on Long Island.
Another distinction is our firm commitment to recovery from mental illnesses. Too often, a diagnosis of a mental illness is greeted with despair and discouragement.  Research has not confirmed that with proper treatment and adequate supports, the majority of people with a psychiatric disability can recover--that is, live a productive and satisfying life in the community. We know this reality.  Through Consumer Link--the self-help and empowerment program in Nassau County--and our other programs, the MHA employs over 40 individuals with psychiatric diagnoses who contribute mightily to our success.

Is the Mental Health Association of Nassau County part of a national organizations?
Yes, the MHA is a member of the National Mental Health America, whose headquarters are in Washington, D.C. In this way our voice is joined with hundreds of other MHAs across the country in the fight for equitable treatment for people with psychiatric needs.  Mental Health America's website can be accessed by clicking here.