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One Agency…One Vision…Many Goals

The Mental Health Association of Nassau County (MHA) is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to improving mental health in our community through advocacy, education, program development and the delivery of direct services.


Since its founding in 1953, the MHA has advocated for the needs of adults and children with psychiatric and emotional difficulties.  This priority has guided our mission for over five decades and led us to develop concrete rehabilitation services that benefits adults and children with psychiatric disabilities.

To serve this often-neglected population, we focused upon educating the community-at-large and assisting people get to the services they needed.

We are proud to say that we opened the first group home in Nassau County, the first children’s residence for autistic children, the first supported education program for college students and the first newly constructed permanent-home apartment complex for adults with psychiatric disabilities.  These innovations represent more than achievements; they represent progress in the standards of programs and services for those with mental illnesses.


Our Philosophy

We are committed to assisting individuals with psychiatric disabilities recover from the devastating impacts of the illness and move on to live productive and meaningful lives.  We focus on the concrete elements of life: safe housing, employment, friendship and managing money.

Our Impact

The MHA sponsors 31 services and programs to benefit adults, children and the community-at-large.  All totaled our statistics are impressive.  The following are some numbers from our current programs:

  • Daily visits for the recovery programs - 12,495 days of service
  • Housing – 44,165 days of housing with support services
  • Education & Training – Providing workshops for more than 1,700 professionals and community members
  • Adults Receiving Financial Management – Supporting over 650 individuals
  • Veterans Services – Reaching over 4,500 veterans on Long Island, home to the second largest population of veterans in the county


The MHA seeks to collaborate with other providers to benefit the community.  We work with all of the clinics in Nassau County, provide consultations to many school districts and coordinate advocacy on behalf of the mental health system.

In addition to our direct service programs, the MHA advocates for the needs of the mental health community.  We fight discrimination laws and stigmatizing media messages; we promote adequate funding for services and we encourage consumers to speak for themselves on personal and policy issues.